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Suez factory workers have lived a one-of-a-kind experience provided to them by, ElRehla, the winning team of the "Collaboration For Productivity" challenge as they have successfully implemented their creative solution through a one-day camp that has been specifically tailored to this new customer segment comprising of Suez factory workers. Over 25 workers attended the one-day camp and expressed their excitment and joy after living a new experience full of self-discovery, mutual learning, networking, and fun. The camp idea came as a solution to foster collaboration among the workers.

The challenge:

This innovation was submitted in response to the "Collaboration For Productivity" challenge which aimed at finding an innovative solution for the lack of collaboration among workers in companies and factories. This challenge was identified through an “Ideation Workshop”, facilitated by team, sponsored by the Labour Market Access Program of the GIZ and the Social Innovation for the Labour Market in Egypt Platform, and in collaboration with the Egyptian Association for Development of SMEs in Suez.


The Team:

Abdelkader Ahmed: Senior Online Marketing Team Leader in Vodafone Egypt. Helped founding GnehFlYoum NGO, REACT Student Organization, AlMaqarr Coworking Space.

Amira Hossam:  Institutional Development and Accreditation Unit Manager at Wataneya Society for Development of Orphanages. She is the co- founder of Namaa' initiative for sustainable development and Mesaha space for community development.

Ayman Shehata: Corporate Responsibility Strategy Manager at PwC Egypt. He worked as a practitioner, researcher, strategy and business development advisor for national and international development agencies and research and academic institutions.

Yasmine  Elhagrassy: Interior Designer with a vision to spread art in whatever she does. She is the founder and owner of “ SQUADRA” Health and lifestyle company. She is a reputable fitness expert who has certified achievements in this field.

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Short Description

A camp idea provided by "ElRehla" Startup as a solution to foster collaboration among workers.

Solution for:

Collaboration 4 Productivity


Port Said Egypt


20000 EGP


Dalia Said




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