Green Air-Conditioner

by The SwitchMed Initiative - The Switchers Eco-Innovation program

   Aswan, Egypt

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The SwitchMed Iniative


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How can we build an eco-friendly air-conditioner for eco-lodges?

Would you like to help eco-lodges in Egypt survive the heat waves? In collaboration with the SwitchMed Initiative - The Switchers Eco-Innovation Program, we are searching for talented architects and engineers to build an eco-friendly air conditioner to help eco-lodges survive the summer and enhance their sustainability.

Submit your innovative idea to manufacture an eco-friendly air conditioner for a chance to win 1,250 EUR in cash, 3,750 EUR agile support service and a chance to win a voucher for 10,000 EUR in services for the best idea provided by the SwitchMed Initiative and If you’d like to partner with us, please read on for more details! 


The SwitchMed initiative aims to achieve a circular economy in the southern Mediterranean by changing how goods and services are produced and consumed. Accordingly, the program provides tools and services directly to the private sector, supports an enabling policy environment, and facilitates the exchange of information among partners and key stakeholders.

Lately, strong heat waves have hit the planet heavily, affecting people all over the world. In many regions, hospitals reported numerous cases of heat exhaustion.  Air-conditioners are crucial in these times; we can say they save lives. On the other hand, air-conditioners are known for their high energy consumption and planet-warming refrigerants; they generate about four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. , which makes it a double-edged sword. 

Ecolodges are trying to minimize the impact of their accommodation practices on the environment, which means they can’t use available air conditioners. Nevertheless,  they can’t continue working in summertime due to high temperatures, which threaten their sustainability and reveal the vital need for eco-friendly alternatives. 

The Challenge

To design and build an eco-friendly air conditioner to be installed in Eco-Nubia Eco-Lodge in south Egypt.

The proposed solution should demonstrate the following methodology:

  • Describe your idea while stating your approach.

  • Clearly outline your expected budget and implementation timeline (should you be selected for a future contract).

  • Define your idea’s success metrics and explain why your approach should be chosen.

  • Ensure the durability and reliability of your solution.

  • Prioritize energy efficiency in your approach.

  • Keep costs low and maintenance minimal.

How to participate?

  1. Submit a complete application form before the deadline of 9/11/2023 11:59 (GMT+2). This idea should include an uploaded, detailed proposal demonstrating how the outlined criteria will be met.

  2. The shortlisted candidates will be chosen based on the innovativeness of their solutions and will be invited to present their ideas in an online pitch competition. 

  3. The best  winning idea will be chosen by the SwitchMed representative.

Reward and Conditions

The shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to present their ideas in an online pitch competition attended by The SwitchMed representatives and’s team.

A total reward of 1,250 EUR 3,750 EUR agile support service and a chance to win a voucher for 10,000 Euros in services provided by the SwitchMed Initiative - The Switchers Eco-Innovation Program and to the best winning solution.

As per’s  Terms and Conditions and in case the intellectual property rights are not registered, the innovator should not disclose any sensitive unprotected information. Meanwhile, they should include all technical details required to judge the technical validity and feasibility of the solution. 

You can submit a solution at any time. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you read the rules and FAQs.

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Project By

The SwitchMed Iniative


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