Shaغal for Home Appliances (sponsored by SADKO)

by Nahdet El Mahrousa Association

   Cairo, Egypt

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Nahdet ElMahroua


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The prototype competition is a national competition which provides grant awards to young Egyptian innovators who develop innovative prototypes and products in the fields of science and technology.

The prototypes should help solve challenges faced in the Egyptian industry and help introduce new innovation in the market.

Challenge Description:

Winners are awarded 20,000 LE from our sponsors, and Training camps specifically tailored for new start-ups and entrepreneurs. Please note that winners will not get their award until they finish their entrepreneurship training. If you are innovative enough to come up with smart solutions and develop any of the following products:

1. Air – Water generator:

The device is meant to transform air moisture into water, maintaining the concept of bacteria, fungus and chemical free water. Water production is not less than 18 Liters/day and the design should be user friendly to fit in offices, schools, homes and companies.

2. Rechargeable Solar/Electrical fan

Developing a prototype fan that works on AC/DC current (air flow must be the same as the one generated from a 50 W motor). The fan should operate on a rechargeable battery that could be charged either through solar energy or electrical energy. The fan should be provided with protection for the over-charge and discharge.

3. Energy Efficient Oven

Developing an electric oven that works with a 60 minutes timer, Temperature control between 100 to 250 C, 4 stages heating selection in which power consumption must be lowered from 2000W to 1400W.

4. Solar Air conditioner

Developing a prototype that uses the same technology with affordable prices. Then you are who we are looking for and you should apply to Sadco home appliances prize.

Who can apply?

The prototype competition is open to all Egyptians:

Ages between 18 and 35 years old; you can apply as a team ONLY.

Team members must choose a team leader, who will be the sole point of contact for competition and must represent the team in all Sha3′al’s trainings and events.

How to Apply?

1. Click on Solve Now on the right side bar of this page and download the application.

2. Fill in the application.

3. Attach (Submit) the application with a one minute video for your project and send it to The email subject MUST include the Prototype’s name.

General guidelines

► Each applicant cannot submit more than one project.

► Each project should submit a letter of recommendation from a technical expert in their field of application, which means that applicants need to provide reference from a technical expert confirming that the proposed project could be executed and will benefit the society.

► Applications should be submitted using the prototype Application

► Submissions must be in English.

► Submitted applications should not exceed 10 pages.

► All application pages should be numbered.

► Project title should be kept as brief as possible and matching the name of the video.

Application Deadline August 28th, 2014

Project By

Nahdet ElMahroua


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