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Are you clever enough to solve any of the below challenges? If so, submit your solution now and compete with others to get awarded the best solution. The awards can be financial or even a job opportunity!

Yomken links the challenges faced by NGOs, Companies, Micro- and Small -Enterprises, and Governmental organizations with innovators, engineers and scientists in order to work together to solve them.
The idea of open-innovation enables these organizations to get innovative ideas beyond their boundaries.
An NGO working with SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Arab world? Do you own a small business but you face a technical challenge which requires a bit of creativity and expertise?
Submit a Challenge Now!

Coloring Metal Wires

by Wire

Amman Jordan


800 USD

The Coating Challenge

by Hoor-Masr

Cairo Egypt


5000 EGP

Design A Thermal Pot

6000 EGP + 10% of Profit

Design A Thermal Pot

by Sherif

Alex Egypt


6000 EGP + 10% of Profit

Okra Sorting Machine

by Anonymous

Sharqiya Egypt


70000 EGP

Automation Controller for a Movable LCD Holder

by Admin

Cairo Egypt


40% Profit sharing

Shaغal for Home Appliances (sponsored by SADKO)

by Nahdet El Mahrousa

Cairo Egypt


20000 EGP

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Do you think yourself clever and responsible enough to solve your community challenges?


Innovators? Entrepreneurs? Product Designers?

Yomken works with people who have brilliant ideas for innovative products and who are looking for financial, collaboration or marketing support to complete these ideas. Our platform helps you to get the needed PR and marketing for free! You may also get inspired by the challenges posted by others to solve them and get awarded in return!

NGO, Company or Governmental Agency?

Yomken enables you to find for innovative solutions outside the boundaries of your organization. Open-innovation enables you to use the power of social networking and the wisdom of the crowd. If you are a CSR department or a donor agency, you may also sponsor the solution of social challenges!

Looking for innovative ideas?

Yomken provides you a range of innovative products and ideas by some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world. You can support your favorite entrepreneurs by sharing or possibly collaborating with them to improve or complete their products!

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